PhotoPrediction is a powerful new tool that will allow you to perform an awesome and impossible mentalism trick!

The effect:
You ask your spectator to name a card from the deck. He says "4 of clubs." You say that the day before had a feeling, a moment of inspiration, and took a picture to prove this moment later. Sure, you can use your imagination and create your own speech. Immediately you get your iPhone, unlock it and the last picture taken with your device is exactly the 4 of clubs!

With PhotoPrediction you can predict any card in the deck, or any number from 1 to 120, without voice recognition, no forces, no camera recognition or assistants. Completely impromptu, anytime and anywhere. Best of all: the magic ends with your photo album REALLY opened and the prediction is REALLY the last picture taken. You end completely clean, with nothing to hide and with your device in the spectator's hand.

The trick is 100% customizable, and PhotoPrediction comes with everything you need to learn and practice the effect, including a detailed explanation of how it works, a section of tips and a training mode. The application is available in english and portuguese, but works on iPhones and iPod Touches in any language, including the new iPhone 5.

Everything was entirely thought to offer a clean and awesome effect. Simple, easy to perform and impossible: for sure will help your reputation.

Facts list:

  • Diabolical method: the effect looks like no app is involved
  • Totally clean, and you end up with nothing to hide or close
  • Easy to learn and play, with detailed explanations and ideas to stimulate your creativity
  • You can give your gadget to the spectator to open the photo album. Cleaner impossible!
  • Easy setup,that you do once and the trick is ready forever!
  • Easy customization: you can create several different profiles for several situations
  • Training mode to facilitate understanding of the method
  • No voice recognition
  • No wireless comunication
  • No forces
  • Compatible with all iPhones and newer iPods Touch (iOS 5 or higher)
  • 100% compatible with the new 4 inches gadgets: iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch.
  • It looks like a real magic! Nobody will be suspicious of anything!
  • Application camouflaged not to be found, and the with possibility of password protection
  • You do not need a deck of cards to perform the effect, only your iPhone/iPod
  • App and explanations available in portuguese and english, but the app can run in ANY language and the trick will work properly anyway.


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